The benefits of radish against certain ailments and on certain body parts are listed below: Jaundice, Piles, Urinary Disorder and Weight Loss. It also has been known to be beneficial in improving: Cancer, Leucoderma, Skin Disorders, Kidney Disorders, Insect Bites, Fever, Respiratory Disorders, Bronchitis, Asthma along with Liver & Gallbladder issues. Other Benefits: Apart from above benefits, radish is a good appetizer, mouth and breath freshener, laxative, regulates metabolism, improves blood circulation, is a good treatment for headache, acidity, constipation, nausea, obesity, sore throat, whooping cough, gastric problems, gallbladder stones, dyspepsia etc.

polyphenols act as THERMOGENIC compounds, which accelerate our body’s ability to burn fat as fuel. A human study of green tea extract containing 90 mg EGCG (EGCG is just one of several polyphenols found in green tea) taken three times daily concluded that men taking the extract burned 266 more calories per day than did those in the placebo group and that green tea extract’s thermogenic effects may play a role in controlling obesity

Male Sprague-Dawley (SD) rat models of diet-induced obesity were created and randomly divided into three groups: obesity model group, sibutramine positive control group and puerarin treatment group. In addition, a normal control group was set up. Each group consisted of 6 rats and was intragastrically administrated once daily for 42 consecutive days. During the administration period, body weight was measured once a week. Each group was fasted for 24 h after the last administration, and then anaesthetized with diethyl ether for blood sampling from the retro-orbital plexus and routine blood indexes and the levels of glucose (Glu), insulin, leptin, adiponectin, tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and triglycerides (TG) in the serum of rats were assayed. After puerarin administration for 42 days, body weight was reduced by 21% when compared with the control group. The levels of Glu, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), triglycerides (TG), insulin, leptin, VEGF and TNF-α were decreased by 16%, 20%, 58%, 12%, 70%, 36% and 36%, respectively. The levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) and adiponectin were increased by 26% and 16%, respectively. Therefore, puerarin can inhibit the increase of body weight, reduce the levels of LDL-C, Glu, insulin and leptin, increase the concentrations of HDL-C and adiponectin, elevate the levels of anti-inflammatory cytokines, inhibit inflammatory cytokines, and improve insulin resistance and leptin resistance in obese rats.

medlar acts like other berry plants with its anti-oxidative chemicals to reduce cholesterol levels and improve stamina. But it also has other nutrients like Thiamin that inhibits fat deposits, chromium that regulates sugar levels and polysaccharides that stimulate muscle growth.

Has become popular for lowering blood lipids and treating fatty liver; it is commonly combined with cartages, which promotes blood circulation and lowers blood fats, for that purpose. This powder is suitable for medicine: Control adjust blood lipids, codeine and expectorant, Anticoagulant.

It is adaptogenic, antioxidant, immune modulating, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging. It also has been found to be anti-ulcer, respiratory tonic, platelet regulating, anti-hyperlipidemic, cholesterol regulating, anti-obesity, liver protecting, triglyceride lowering, cardiovascular protecting and anti-thrombic. It tonifies the immune system. It is one of the great herbs in the world.

Chrysanthemum has Vitamin C in which helps ease heaviness in the head during cold and provide relief in sinusitis discomfort.It is is naturally caffeine free, hence, it is free from all the side effects of caffeine like anxiety, tension, irritation, nervousness and confusion.a natural coolant and helps in lowering the temperature of the body when suffering from fever or even heat stroke.

In traditional Chinese medicine, cassia seeds are sweet, bitter and salty in flavor, slightly cold in nature, and are associated with the Liver, Kidney and Large Intestine meridians. Its main functions are to remove heat, improve eyesight, and relax the bowels. Traditionally, it is used to treat blurred vision and eyes that are bloodshot. Some practitioners employ cassia seed as a laxative to treat constipation. There is also evidence that it helps to reduce blood pressure

kelp is a natural super food loaded with trace minerals, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Most notably, kelp is a rich, natural source of iodine which can provide adequate levels to stimulate a sluggish thyroid and encourage a healthy metabolism which is key for maintaining ideal body weight.Your metabolism, which is regulated by your thyroid gland, is the part of your body responsible for the way you use energy and burn calories; and iodine is the catalyst that jump starts the metabolic processes. The thyroid gland absorbs iodine, which is usually obtained by diet or supplementation, and subsequently releases the hormones that control metabolic function.

Improves oxygenation which has an immediate beneficial impact on energy levels. Improves blood flow throughout the heart and arteries. Hawthorn increases strength of heart contractions Prevents plaque buildup in the arteries. Hawthorn relaxes blood vessels so that blood flows more efficiently. Helps prevent high blood pressure build up in the arteries. Hawthorn stabilizes collagen. Collagen is the body’s most abundant protein and is responsible for maintaining the integrity of many parts of the body, including ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and arteries.

Promotes urination, drains dampness - edema, difficult urination, damp leg qi. Strengthens the spleen, stops diarrhea. Clears heat and expels pus - carbuncles, lung or intestinal abscesses. Expels wind-damp, relieves joint and muscle pain. Clears damp-heat - any damp-heat disorder at any level with greasy tongue coating and digestive problems.

Slimming Factor